Estradiol Undecylate 5mL 100mg/mL


NOTE: 100mg/mL is the upper limit of what’s possible to dissolve. If your product appears to have crystals in it, this is NOT contamination and can be fixed by simply heating it gently in your pocket, on top of a computer, or with a blow dryer on low/medium heat to get the API  to redissolve. In my own testing, vials redissolved in 10-15 min with gentle heating.

Estradiol Undecylate — 500mg / 5 ml Benzyl Benzoate Free.

We recommend a 25g to draw and inject castor oil products. Note that this castor does not have benzyl benzoate as a cosolvent/thinning agent. This is to avoid allergy issues for people with sensitivities to Benzyl Benzoate. This extends the half life significantly and appears to have a 45-60 day half life.

We do not typically give dosing recommendations, and like to leave it up-to the end user. In this case, given the little amount of available public information, the difference in formulation, and the amount of bad advice given, we are supplying our dosing recommendations.

We suggest an initial loading dose of 80mg, followed by monthly 40mg injections. You may split the loading dose up into 2 40mg doses on day 1 and day 14

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Shelf life of 2-5 years depending on light and temperature exposure.

Excipients: Estradiol Undecylate, Castor oil, Benzyl Alcohol

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