Transdermal Estradiol Spray 30ml @ 20mg/ml


Perfect for those who want Estradiol that bypasses liver metabolism but aren’t ready for injections.

– 17β-Estradiol (CAS 50-28-2)
-45% Isopropyl Alcohol
-45% Isopropyl Myristate
-10% Polysorbate 80

1. Shake well!
2. Spray a full pump onto where your skin is thinnest and most absorbent. The scrotum and armpit areas are good candidates.
3. Let area dry before covering with clothes

1 full spray =~ 0.1ml
0.1ml = 2mg of Estradiol
One cannot compare this dosage to patches, as this is more of a burst application with more waste
1 full pump every 8 to 12 hours seems to be sufficient for most. Some need around 2


2-3: 70$

4+: 65$

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