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  • Transdermal Estradiol Spray 30ml @ 20mg/ml

    Perfect for those who want Estradiol that bypasses liver metabolism but aren’t ready for injections. Ingredients: – 17β-Estradiol (CAS 50-28-2) -45% Isopropyl Alcohol -45% Isopropyl Myristate -10% Polysorbate 80 Intake: 1. Shake well! 2. Spray a full pump onto where your skin is thinnest and most absorbent. The scrotum and armpit areas are good candidates.…

  • Sublingual Estradiol Oil Dropper 30ml @ 20mg/ml

    An easy way to take custom Estradiol doses in a vehicle specially-designed for maximum sublingual absorption. This one dropper contains the equivalent of 300 2mg Estradiol tablets Ingredients: – 17β-Estradiol (CAS 50-28-2) -80% OraPenn SD -10% Peppermint Burst OS -10% Polyethylene Glycol 400 Intake: 1. Shake well! 2. Place desired number of drops under tongue…

  • Progesterone Suppository 200mg (60ct)

    Progesterone is a regulatory sex hormone. Rectal intake via suppositories yields higher bioavailability than the standard oral route. Ingredients: – Progesterone (CAS 57-83-0) – PolyBlend Rx Intake: 1. Run suppository under hot water briefly 2. Insert fully about half an index finger’s length inside 3. Let dissolve Dosage: 1 or 0.5 of a suppository daily…

  • Estradiol Enanthate 10mL 40mg/mL

    Estradiol Enanthate  —  400mg / 10 ml Enanthate is the third longest lasting ester with a half life of ~7 days. Shelf life of 2-5 years depending on light and temperature exposure. Ingredients: Estradiol Enanthate, MCT oil Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Alcohol


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