TEAHRT On break!

Howdy! Per our previous announcements TeaHRT and Co are on break from 4/14-4/21

We need a mental health rest, so we take a 1 week break every month. Current orders will be shipped out without additional delay.

Future breaks will be on the 2nd week of the month per usual (eg the 7th-14th)

Stock counts have been set to 0 so you can’t order. Yes we have most of those products in stock, but we don’t do backorders/preorders so you can’t order right now.

Yes, Enanthate is in stock, and should be for at least a few more weeks.

Email support will be limited, though ongoing cases will be handled. Everything will come back after we have the week to rest.

See you all on the 21st!

-Tea and Co <3


Woohoo all that professional shit out of the way now the fun stuff

I’ve had a weird obsession with ducks recently and if you already have my email I would appreciate if you would send me photos of your favorite ducks, bonus points if there’s a story behind it. All breeds are welcome but my favorite has to be the Mallard, I mean look at this dude

how majestic is that?